Top 5 Destinations for 2021

Mykonos – Greece

The Greek island of Mykonos is one of the Cyclades group of islands. It has become the most popular and most desirable of the group of islands. Its high season brings crowds of joyful visitors and cruise ships, to enjoy the island’s sublime nightlife and magnificent sunny beaches. Mykonos town is one of the most picturesque of the Cycladic towns. It has unforgettable layers of bright white house’s sloping down towards a turquoise-blue bay scattered with bobbing boats and sea front restaurants. Experience the very best of Mykonos by staying in one of its divine boutique and spa hotels.

East and West Sussex – England

If you’re looking for a relaxing escape full of British charm, East and West Sussex deliver in buckets. Offering peaceful countryside, wide beaches and Victorian charm.

Home to country estates, houses, impressive castles, and cathedrals as well as beautiful bridleways, national parks and beaches, the sunniest place in the UK is an ideal escape for both relaxation and adventure.

Bali – Indonesia

Indonesian island is unlike anywhere else, Bali is so much more than the picturesque sandy beaches, clear waters full of tropical fish and glorious mountains that it’s well-known for.

It’s also a peaceful hideaway that’s perfect for relaxing with the yoga and meditation retreats throughout. But the main reason for visiting Bali is the interesting culture and warm, sincere greeting the Balinese people offer to each and every traveller.

The Highlands – Scotland

With its history, compelling culture and remarkable countryside, the Scottish Highlands are the place to be explored. Many travellers find that one visit is not enough to take in all its stunning lochs and mountains. The Highlands have everything from unique sights to hotels, with pampering spas and castles with superb scenery showering the landscape. This is a part of the world that will excite first-time visitors and seasonal travellers.

Guernsey – Channel Islands

Charming Guernsey, known for its wild landscapes bordered by sandy beaches, is set off the Normandy coast and combines both British and French style in an interesting cultural mix. Many visitors can enjoy a variety of activities and trips including walks, hikes and water sports, trips to Neolithic and ancient sites and the impressive Castle Cornet.