#FRIFOTOS Friday Photos Forum – Recap Friday, 12 November 2010

Playful, innocent, full of wonder and curiosity – Tweeters last week used these words to describe Childhood, the subject for last Friday’s #FRIFOTOS, and it’s no surprise these same qualities were delightfully reflected in the submitted photos. These #FRIFOTOS images of childhood, past and present, were a joy to look at, and are guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

There must be something profound and elemental about the connection between childhood fun and the beach or pool, as this was favorite theme. @MO_Hotels gave us an elegantly beautiful image of two children wading into the water. @LisaTBergen posted an inspiring picture of childhood seaside adventure http://twitpic.com/366ln3. @WordConcierge inspires us with a father and son playing in a rather stunning swimming pool at the Intercontinental, Bali http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=113698785312050&set=a.113711648644097.19161.110446395637289. Meanwhile check out two contrasting surfing images: fun the water from @eloisethepug and @traveldesigned’s hilarious and playful image of beach larking about on a sand-bound surf board http://twitpic.com/366kkx. For @amberdegrace reminds us that childhood is spending time in the sand each year http://yfrog.com/76wb2gj

At the opposite end of the climatic scale, snow was another common theme, presenting a timeless picture of fun through the generations. @emmasita shares with us a snow dance in Ireland 20 years ago. http://twitpic.com/366hva. @TravelingWithS submitted an “oldie”of kids playing in the snowy outdoors . From @OliveTreeC, sledging down a gentle slope in the snow. Even without seeing the child’s face, the sense of delight is palpable. http://www.flickr.com/photos/olivetreec/5169288177/

@RitzCarlton’s picture of little princesses lolling about at the Abama, Tenerife is a delight, http://ow.ly/i/5qu6. At the other end of the cleanliness quotient, shares a really funny pic of boy happily trouncing through the mud. http://plixi.com/p/56492832. @bestlovedhotels gives us a very droll take on angelic behavior http://hashalbum.com/photo/frifotos/BestLovedHotels/5148054

From @kirsten_al we have a really adorable portrait http://hashalbum.com/photo/frifotos/kirsten_al/5173146. @LauraAllenTvl opens up another world to us with her picture childhood in Senegal http://hashalbum.com/photo/frifotos/LauraAllenTvl/5146877. @ChrisJGabaldon gives us some budding actors on stage at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach http://hashalbum.com/photo/frifotos/ChrisJGabaldon/5146857. From @Shipsandtrips, cousins pausing to pose while hiking in Northern California. http://hashalbum.com/photo/frifotos/Shipsandtrips/5146503.
From @alexhalbert, one of the most alluring airport transfers we’ve ever seen http://twitpic.com/366j3g

I end #FRIFOTOS Recap with two funny favorites – one from #FRIFOTOS’s host @EpsteinTravels – one of those perfect childhood moments when you’re so glad there’s a camera at hand, http://yfrog.com/gic7vnj and one from @LuxuryTravelMom – that mischievous smile says it all.

The #FRIFOTOS the is week is ‘Thing we are thankful for’ shortly. Looking forward to seeing you all at 1100 EST (1600 GMT) this Friday. Do not forget to tell your friends. And of course, if you have any ideas how can make #FRIFOTOS even better simply DM me @bestlovedhotels or @epsteintravels!

The rules for #FRIFOTOS can be found at http://bit.ly/daVcYu.