Britain’s Churches: Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln

Britain’s Churches have a long history, some even more than 1000 years. No wonder there are so many myths and legends told about Britain’s historic churches, cathedrals and abbeys.

This week’s blog will tell you more about Lincoln Cathedral.

The impressive Lincoln Cathedral – or in full, The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln – is situated in the heart of Lincoln, Lincolnshire. The building was started being built in 1088 and was finished in 1311. Due to a fire around the year 1141, a huge part of the cathedral was severely damaged and was later rebuild with such workmanship that it was believed to be more beautiful than before. However, in 1185 the Cathedral was damaged due to an earthquake, leaving it in such poor condition that the reconstruction work, which began in 1192 – took eight years to complete! During this reconstruction, the Gothic style was used and larger windows and roof spans were put into place. The restoration was paid by locals, or so they say, as St. Hugh, a saintly man, stood up to bullying kings and felt protective over ordinary men and women. A statue of him can be found on the southwest turret.

It is recommended to take one of the most interesting tours through the Cathedral, as this will give you a broader insight into the Cathedral’s rich history. You can choose from a floor tour, roof tour and/or a tower tour. The floor tour runs daily, except on Sundays and visitors do not have to pre-book. The tour takes about an hour. It is recommended to pre-book the roof and tower tour!

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Lincoln Cathedral at Christmas image by Jack Torcello